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How to use ssspinterest


Select Pinterest Video

Select the Pinterest video you want to download, and then copy the video link.


Paste Video URL

Paste the copied link in the above downloader-box then tap on the download button.


Download Pinterest Video

When the download process is complete, on the next page your download will be ready for download. Tap on Force Download button to download the video in one click.

Fastest way to Download

ssspinterest ssspinterest

Simply Insert "sss" before "pinterest" in the link then press the "ENTER" button to download videos from Pinterest in the fastest way.

Please, make sure that —

  • You are on the page, which displays a single video or images or gif or stories.

  • This page contains a video or images or gif or stories.

See an example below —

⇊ These are original links ⇊

⇊ Modify URL with sss

How to Download Pinterest Videos

ssspinterest is an online web tool to help you download videos, stories, images and GIFs from Pinterest. ssspinterest is designed to be easy to use on any device such as Android or iOS and Windows or Mac OS.

ssspinterest is currently the fastest, highest and most stable Pinterest video downloader tool. To download videos or images from Pinterest, you need to follow the easy steps given below.

If you're on the Pinterest App, follow these steps to download a Pinterest Videos / Images

Pinterest Video Downloader

#1 Copy Video URL

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the app, then the option sheet will appear from the bottom of the app. Copy the link by clicking on the option "Copy Link"

sss pinterest

#2 Paste Video URL

To paste the video URL, click on the paste icon on the left side of the input box and paste it into the URL input box. Then click on the download button to download the video.

Download Pinterest Video

#3 Choose Video Quality

After download processing, your video will be ready to download. Click on the download button to choose the video quality. Available downloadable quality will be shown to you.

Pinterest Downloader

#4 Now Download Video

As soon as you click on force download button. The video will start downloading to your device.

If you're on the Pinterest website, follow these steps to download Pinterest videos / images

Pinterest Download
  • Open the Pinterest website on your favorite browser.

  • Then go to the Pinterest videos/images you want to download to your PC.

  • Copy the video URL from the URL address bar or click on the share button and then click on the copy link option as mentioned in the 1st point of the image above.

  • Paste the copied URL into the input box, by clicking on the paste icon to paste it, see the 2nd point in the image above. Then click on the download button below the input box to download the video.

  • On the next page, you can see the preview of your video. Select the quality by clicking on the download button.

  • Now to download the video on your device, click on download button, click on force download button to download in one click.

After clicking on the download button your video will start downloading to your device.

ssspinterest Features

Pinterest video Downloader

Video Downloader

ssspinterest is a great tool for downloading Pinterest videos from Pinterest pins. With this tool, you can download a single pins video as well as multiple videos from Pinterest.

Story Downloader

Story Pins are the latest feature of Pinterest. Using this tool you can download Pinterest Story by just pasting the Pinterest Story URL.

Pinterest Story Downloader
Pinterest Image Downloader

Image Downloader

You can download Pinterest images using this tool. Along with this you can also download carousel/single pin images.

GIF Downloader

You can also Download Pinterest GIF. Our Pinterest GIF Downloader can help you to save your favorite GIF from Pinterest.

Pinterest Gif Downloader

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ssspinterest ?

It is an online tool (web application) that helps you download Pinterest Videos, Story, Images and GIF. ssspinterest is the best tool to download videos from Pinterest.

Why does it show “error” when I download ?

Maybe you copied the private/unavailable/wrong link, or the network connection is unstable. try to reload the site and copy the link again.

Is the service provided by this site free ?

Yes. It is totally free. you don't have to pay for anything, because our service is always free!.

What devices are compatible with the this Tool ?

ssspinterest is compatible with any device. We support all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc.

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can download ?

No! You can download as many videos as you want, there is no video download limit.

Where to find a downloaded video ?

Usually, a video is downloaded to a default folder called "Downloads".

Does ssspinterest store downloaded videos or keep a copy of videos ?

Never, ssspinterest does not store videos, nor keep copies of downloaded videos. Also, this tool does not track the download history of its users, thus users of ssspinterest use this tool completely anonymously.